OptoDrive® GUSTAV is designed to be used without a driver and is therefore easily connected into applications for 230VAC or directly into a wall outlet. The efficiency is the highest available on the market for these types applications.

Features & Benefits

• Class 2 product
• Suitable for bathrooms and outdoor applications
• Easy and safe mounting with connector
• Long life-time: 50 000h

Gustav AC

For outdoor and bathroom lights

For small linear lights

OptoDrive® GUSTAV is a high intensity small  linear LED-engine mostly for bathroom or outdoor fixtures.

No driver

230VAC – No need for a driver

You are able to connect the LED-module directly to 230VAC mains and won’t need a bulky driver.

This allows freedom to design slim fixtures without making place or need extra cables for a driver.
And without an extra component there is less risk of failure.


Silicone conformal coating – for improved moist resistance

The LED-engine has a conformal silicone coating over the components to make it even more suited for outdoor lights.

Consistent form factor

Linear shape that lasts

For linear luminaires we offer tre different platforms in many size-options.
From the smallest Gustav, to the narrow Anders and up to the versatile Theo.

Other linear modules