Stay true and Forge ahead

Stay true and Forge ahead

Optoga’s Annual Distributors’ Gathering & Training Sept 5-7, 2018

Every year when September comes, Optoga Headquarter conducts a 3-day comprehensive technical training in Arboga for its international partners, along with launching new developed products and sharing insights from the sales experience over the time. This year is no exception.

Our international dealer friends are brought together this week in Arboga, to explore technology with our R&D experts, to envision the roadmap presented by our Founder and CEO Mr. Stefan Larsson, to stay true to our mission and forge ahead as a team and to have some fun during teambuilding activities.

Optoga is pleased to launch during this week’s intensive training session a range of new and improved solutions in our Clara Crystal product line that allow customers to take full advantage of the tunable technology and Dali in high voltage.

Stay tuned!