Slimmer spotlights

Slimmer spotlights

With Steffi-D and the new lens with 25° beam angle you can design slim, minimal spotlights with ease. Steffi-D has a diameter of only 44.7mm and no need for a driver.

Steffi-D is one of our most popular LED-light engines for AC thanks to the compact form factor and that it is simple to mount. The specifications makes it a versitile module that fits in many types of fixtures and environments. It is available with 50° lens for downlights and is also used in decorative pendulum fixtures as well as outdoor lights.

New lens for spotlights

Now we have develped a 25° elegant lens for spotlights. The small complete module can now be used in slim, well designed spotlights.

Steffi-D has a diameter of only 44.7 mm and builds 14mm. Thanks to Steffi-D’s to versions of 5W and 10W and three options for colour temperature it can be used in a number of fixtures. Totally without a driver since it is connected direct to mains 230VAC.

"SYLINDER by Steffen Soma. With Steffi-D and 50° lens" Foto: Ole Laget
Steffi-D with 50° and 25° lens.

Steffi-D AC

For decorative and downlights

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A small package

Steffi-D is a compact yet powerful LED-engine
for both spotlights and downlights

OptoDrive® STEFFI-D AC is a complete light module including lense, driver and LED’s,
all in one compact package that can easily be incorporated into similar light fittings as Halogen.

No driver

230VAC – No need for a driver

You are able to connect the LED-module directly to 230VAC mains and won’t need a bulky driver.

This allows freedom to design slim fixtures without making place or need extra cables for a driver.
And without an extra component there is less risk of failure.


Silicone conformal coating – for improved moist resistance

The LED-engine has a conformal silicone coating over the components to make it even more suited for outdoor lights.

Consistent form factor

Round compact shape that lasts

For small to big round luminaires we have our round LED-modules in different shapes.
From the smallest Steffi, to the medium sized Crystal and Lilly to the bigger Sanna.

The Steffi family

Steffi-C ED

For downlights and tasklights