SVEA ID : 7med

For examination light

For medical examination lights

Svea ID 7-LED is constructed for stable and precise medical use

OptoDrive® Medical LED-engines are of highest quality for stable and reliable use in medical applications such as examination lights.

Low voltage

ID – built in driver

For our low voltage solutions we mount the driver directly on board.
For customers in need of quality DC LED-modules, for example high-end design or medical.
We have a range of assessories branded DimLight with dimming for PWM, encoders or Dali connectability

Consistant form factor

Hexagonal shape

The hexagonal modules are designed to fit in round, square or hexagonal fittings.
The hexagonal designs are available in three different versions – Felicia, Clara and Svea.
The form factor is consistent over time, and is easy replaceable since the mounting holes are the same year after year.

Medical LED-engines