Svea ED : 77

For built in lights and bulkheads

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Lots of light

For opalized glass ceiling lights – and much more

OptoDrive® SVEA ED 77-LED is a high intensity LED-engine developed for build in mount in opalized glass ceiling lights – and much more.

External driver

ED-External driver required

Certain applications require more functionality on driver.
In this case, the LED-module is stripped of components – all features are located to an external driver.
This might be the case when you connect the fixtures to a big network with for example either Dali or DMX.

Consistant form factor

Hexagonal shape

The hexagonal modules are designed to fit in round, square or hexagonal fittings.
The hexagonal designs are available in three different versions – Felicia, Clara and Svea.
The form factor is consistent over time, and is easy replaceable since the mounting holes are the same year after year.

The Svea family

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