Optoga starts USA launch at UCLA

Optoga starts USA launch at UCLA

We just came home from Los Angeles where we set out the direction of a joint project with students from the MBA program at UCLA. As a final project, they make market analysis for our launch in the United States.

During the last year of their MBA program, six students with long-term work experience, including DreamWorks and Boeing, will make a thorough analysis of our access to the North American market. The project will last five months and will result in extensive interviews with the US lighting industry and market analyzes. As a final project on the three-year MBA program at UCLA Anderson, students perform a project according to the GAP-Global Access Program concept. This means working with companies worldwide. This year, Optoga was one of the companies named GAP projects. Making this survey and gaining access to this knowledge is worth a lot, and something that could have taken us several years alone.

During our stay we have found ourselves at the University of California in Los Angeles and participated in workshops and lectures, but also got to know the team and their professors who will guide the project. It’s a fantastic university area and the whole kick-off for the project was extremely well-organized and the students were tagged on the project. Admission requirements are high on the UCLA’s MBA program, and the costs are considerable, the students are very ambitious in their studies and  often focus on prestigious services in the future.

In october, two students from the team will visit Optoga in Arboga to gain more insight into our company and industry. In December, the analysis is complete and will be reported. Then, the launch on the United States has started.

From Optoga point of view, it will most likely begin with the launch of our latest IP65-rated product, of course, adapted to the North American market.

GAP – Global Access Program is organized by UCLA. Optoga initiated the cooperation through ALMI and Vinnova, which organizes collaboration in Sweden. The GAP team consists of Seth Brodie, Chetan Agarwal, Mert Cubukcuoglu, Joseph Hou, Sandra Lazo and Tim Bednar.