IOT: Plug and Play

IoT DimIn is a both wireless and wired Plug and Play system developed for IoT communication. The units are integrated into the LED modules, which in turn are easily mounted in different lighting manufacturers’ luminaires. Exactly these luminaires need only be connected to the mains voltage for the system to be running. You choose which system to communicate with such as DALI and Casambi.

Your Freedom

Choose your own luminaire manufacturer or design. All solutions have the opportunity to interact with IoT DimIn. The simple structure exists for a great flexibility and utilization of resources. Take advantage of real-time updates, scheduling and schedule lighting independently of luminaire manufacturers. Optimize the experience with your favorite such as DALI and Casambi.

Continue and invest in the future

The only thing we know about the end customer is that we do not know today what the end customer needs look like. With IoT DimIn, the luminaire manufacturers as well as the end user are completely flexible. You could say, you are already ready for the future with the various communication standards that exist and at the same time prepared for several different sensor solutions. Can sound simple but a small solution big as two sugar cubes with intelligence will do great work for you.


The preparations are bigger than ever for the luminaire manufacturers to give the end user complete flexibility. Our new IoT DimIn units are integrated directly into our standard modules, ready to communicate as soon as the mains voltage is switched on. No need for driver or anything that requires extra space for mounting. Completely adapted for the circular economy of the future.

Project Management

A brand new property is both a large investment and a complex solution, with many players involved who will cooperate in different parts. They are each experts focused on their part, so there are always problems and frictions that can arise. We work with the best in their genre to minimize this. Manage your projects with your favorite, such as DALI and Casambi.

Our IOT Products



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