Dim2Warm Press release

Dim2Warm Press release

A fully integrated Dim-2-Warm 230VAC LED engine

Monday 2019-03-11

We are following up the DALI technology we presented earlier this year with a new Dim 2 Warm technology!  Instead of large and bulky drivers, luminaire manufacturers can now really make their products extra premium for their customers, without. This is important and will be a revolution in the Hospitality area.

With a new D2W LED technology innovation, the Swedish company Optoga AB has created a remarkable new technology with unique benefits: a lighting module with a standardized package size that dims down from white to warm white (candle white). For light fixture manufacturers in the Hospitality area this will be a revolution and for their customers as well. It works with the regular dimmers on the market.

New design possibilities
3000K is a good color temperature for working in, but does not give the feeling of the warm and welcoming atmosphere. On the other hand, 2000K does not provide a good working light but it gives the feeling of warmth and welcome. Both color temperatures are therefore extremely necessary, but for completely different scenarios and different behavior patterns. Think about how it should work in the evening at the bar, at the conference daytime and at breakfast in the morning. Very different needs but so important that it works flawlessly all the time!

A perfect light design to establish the hotel’s presence, but also to communicate an inviting atmosphere for the guests, it is extremely important. At the same time, such a solution must also be functional and energy efficient for all needs. An important factor when a non-existent or poorly designed lighting can give a negative impression to a potential guest.

The combination in a D2W is therefore so important and welcome!

LED light with many features
It is important to remember that at 2000K, color rendering must be as high as possible, as otherwise it is perceived as a monochromatic light. It is easy that everything becomes orange otherwise, but with higher color rendering, all light has a better re-reflection. Particularly important because you do not want to look in the eyes of an orange face, bar, drink or food on a plate.

Lower energy consumption
The LED light source includes electronics that improve quality and functionality while further reducing energy consumption. The difference is that the new one is significantly more controllable as we have complemented the lighting to achieve additional features and have improved the user experience. The colour change are being accomplished with regular dimmer.

Optoga specializes in LED technology and delivers light modules and related technology worldwide. Stefan Larsson, CEO, says. “For many years, we have developed and integrated intelligent communication into our LED modules that our customers can integrate into their lighting fixtures to distribute quickly and easily with excellent quality.”

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Brief about Optoga
Optoga AB was founded in November 2004. We develop and provide optimized LED-light solutions, integrated light engines and software solutions to the Lighting Industry, automotive and electric companies. We enable luminaire manufacturers to focus on satisfying their end-customers with a perfect light, quicker and simpler. With the OptoDrive® LED-light engines, Optoga has taken the initiative to replace strip lights, incandescent and halogen bulbs with LED-based sources.