Flickerfree lights

Flickerfree lights

Our new FlickerFree LED-engines are well suited for lights. It is now possible to design a fixture without a bulky driver, and still have a high quality work light for demanding situations. 

Four new LED-engines

FlickerFree LED-engines have been dependent on special drivers, often very bulky and hard to design around. Our new FlickerFree line-up has all electronics and safety included in one single module. The line-up consists of Ada, Svea, Sanna and Theo. Four of our LED-engines often used by manufacturers in premium luminaires.

Svea AC FF

NEW! FlickerFree
For professional bulkheads

Theo AC FF

NEW! FlickerFree
For professional linear projects

Sanna158 AC FF

NEW! FlickerFree
For ceiling lights with high standards


NEW! FlickerFree
For spotlights with high standards.

Design without limitations

Optoga aims to develope products to make it easier to design and manufactur beautiful and functional luminaires. Without the need for a driver, with all the safety built in and with a system easy to integrate we remove limitations for designers all around the world.

Flickerfree AC-modules is the next big thing. New regulations are being established, for example in California the Title24 regulations stats that no more than a flicker percent of 30% is allowed. We aim below 10%.


Europe regulations are being discussed but not set yet. Our new product line take stance in research presented by IEEE 1789. The graph shows the relation between flicker modulation and frequency and where it is harmful.