OptoDrive® CRYSTAL has a round design and high lumen output. A prefect LED-module to replace the look of halogen downlights.

Features and benefits

• Round design with low flare
• Safe mounting with connector
• Long life-time, 50 000 hours

Crystal AC

For downlights

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OptoDrive® Crystal AC is a perfect LED-engine for downlights. With a beautifully designed lens and options for high output.


AC – No need for a driver

You are able to connect the LED-module directly to 230VAC mains and won’t need a bulky driver.
This allows freedom to design slim fixtures without making place or need extra cables for a driver.
And without an extra component there is less risk of failure.

Consistent form factor

Round compact shape that lasts

For small to big round luminaires we have our round LED-modules in different shapes. From the smallest Steffi, to the medium sized Crystal and Lilly to the bigger Sanna.